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I discovered early on being a writer is sort of like being God! I don’t mean to sound irreverent in the slightest. What I mean to say is, I get to create my own worlds and populate them with my own people.

I am a storyteller…it is what I do. I distract you from your reality with my words…I use my imagination to do this. I take you away from your routines and your worries and your fears, for however long you will allow me...and I give you a place to hide.

I truly love writing! It challenges my creativity and soothes my soul with each key stroke.  and although I have found a way to channel this wild imagination with which I have been blessed, I have also learned to trust that something much greater...something far wiser than myself is in control.

“I have read every word he's written. . . sometimes over and over. i have transcribed many of them into a  notebook. The strength of his books is in the heart and soul of this author — an author who apparently has thought long, hard and sincerely about such concepts as “purpose,” “meaning,” and “faith,” and who understands that sometimes (or always) truth can be communicated better in a fictional story than in a systematic dogma.”

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