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Updated: Sep 18, 2022




America is quickly approaching a crossroads once again...

decades of leadership failures

poorly executed foreign and domestic policies

grotesque deficit spending

mind-numbing debt

a biased and unscrupulous press

rampant corruption

weaponization of law enforcement and revenue agencies

bald-faced lies

political scandals

incomprehensible greed has all eaten away at the once truly blessed fabric of the greatest flag that has ever flown.

America stands in peril and is in desperate need of saving as never before.

Once again, America is beginning the process of choosing her next Congressional leaders. The mid-terms will be here before we know it. Soon after, another presidential campaign will take place...replete with flamboyant stump speeches, false promises, corrupt conventions and possibly another stolen election.

The villains and the scoundrels, the liars and the manipulators...all are lining up at the starting gate. Get ready for lethal doses of smoke to be blown up your ass by a biased, partisan and corrupt media!

Again, Donald Trump is returning to the stage. We hear the call to “Make America Great Again!”

But is it too late.

Is it even possible to save America anymore?

Americans seem to have abandoned most of the principles upon which their country was founded and they’ve turned away from the traditions that made her so great. To improve America and truly make her great again, things need to change. Things need to go back in time...before the cancer of progressivism attacked, infected and corrupted her very soul.

For starters, Americans must be told the truth about the men and women who are making all these promises. Americans must not let the dishonest media or the elite establishment continue to lie to them or decide for them.

You must open your eyes, know all the facts and understand all the consequences of your vote.

If you are like me, you’ve no doubt been giving this upcoming mid-term election a great deal of thought. And you are probably seeing what I am seeing...

sides are being taken

battle lines are being drawn

friends and family are being torn apart again

Anyone with even half a brain or someone who does not have their head firmly planted up their rectum can clearly see that the menagerie of villains, liars, cheaters, thieves, thugs, idiots and imbeciles currently assembled in Washington DC are NOT working in the best interest of the American people.

Your interests have been hijacked. And this is the case on both sides of the political aisle...

Democrat and Republican

But you must also see what is transpiring from a pragmatic and realistic perspective as well....

The progressive agenda is a cancer to your freedoms

It must be excised completely

You must drive it from America’s shores forever

When you see what goes on in America’s White House and its Capitol Building, it makes me question the competency of the American voter. Did they know what these charlatans stood for and what they were planning to do before they pulled the election lever for their candidates? Who in their right mind would vote for some of these people? Again and again!

America, the time has come…you must put an end to the elite leadership that have spent decades on the tax-payer dole. You must start picking leaders from amongst yourselves…

from “we the people”

Choose only candidates who are driven by honesty and integrity...who are answering the call to lead from the depths of their heart, not the depths of their pockets or the pinnacles of their ego.

Find the men and women who identify with you and understand what you and the country need on every level.

Don’t pick another candidate who is driven only by money and power.

At all costs, steer clear of any man or woman who does not govern by the Constitution. Do not waste your vote on any politician who does not understand or identify with you…the common man and the common woman. You and that document are truly what make America great.

Pick only peacemakers…those who unite you, not divide you.

Seek out cultured leaders…those who support the arts and humanities and honor true freedom of speech for everyone.

Pick leaders who will not only bail out banks, airlines and auto companies when necessary, but will also come to the aid of families who are losing their homes to debts they cannot pay, farmers who are working themselves to death and going broke in the process, workers whose jobs were lost when the companies for which they worked moved to other countries to avoid strangling rules and regulations and taxes or to take advantage of slave labor.

Pick leaders who will find the money to finally fund public schools the way they need to be funded and provide for school choice. Americans have wasted enough money on an educational system that leaves its children woefully unprepared for life.

No longer allow subversives to pervert your children’s minds with the nonsense of Critical Race Theory and gender fluidity. Take back control of your children’s education and their future. Restore sanity and morality to the classrooms.

Between inadequate schools and pathetic parenting, we must truly fear for America's future...

Pick leaders who will initially choose diplomacy over war…and who are not beholden to the Military-Industrial complex. But make sure you choose those who understand that diplomacy is not always the proper response to true evil and aggression. Sometimes the enemy simply must be we did with Hitler's Nazi Army and as Donald Trump crushed ISIS and Islamic extremism.

Pick leaders with great and women who say what they mean, mean what they say and keep their word no matter what!

America has tolerated enough lying, cheating, stealing, two-faced politicians to last an eternity!

Pick leaders who are strong, educated and confident, yet humble. Candidates who are intelligent, but not sly.

Elect leaders who encourage diversity, but ones who also understand that human beings are tribal by nature...that cultures and traditions don’t easily mix, and that racism will never, ever...EVER be driven from the human heart.

Above all, choose candidates that will look out for the immigrant,

but who will always put Americans first.

It is important that America’s leaders understand all the needs of her citizens and can find that middle ground where all will benefit. A true leader understands and hears the plight of the farmer, the teacher, the doctor and the environmentalist and not the just the race hustlers, bankers, oil company CEOs, arms and weapons developers, special interest lobbyists or of late, the pharmaceutical companies.

Americans must pick leaders who will keep jobs in the country and work to return those that have already left. This will not happen in a vacuum. It will be accomplished by offering companies incentives to hire only within US borders and provide jobs only to legal and legitimate American citizens or those with valid work visas. Those companies who outsource jobs for cheaper labor when there is a national employment crisis that threatens America’s tomorrow, must be punished. This is where the rules and regulations must be their strictest.

I hope Americans can find leaders who will invest in building figurative bridges, not figurative walls. But ones who also realize that often times real walls have their time and their place. A country without borders ceases to be a country and all the sacrifices of those who have laid down their lives for our sovereignty and our future will have been in vain.

Everyone must understand and accept this.

I pray Americans will pick leaders who exemplify morality and deplore corruption.

Ones who celebrate intellectualism and wisdom and do not tolerate ignorance or prejudice.

Ones who inspire through stability, not intimidate through fear and terror.

Ones who choose peace and abandon chaos.

Ones who know and embrace the meaning of love and reject the destructive power of hate.

It is time to come together…not to further divide ourselves. Now is the time to find the ability to be tolerant and understanding. Enough with the labels and the names and the indefensible hatred!

Americans must embrace all other Americans.

America’s leader must exercise fairness and reject hypocrisy. He or she must be a person of substance, not superficiality. They must be endowed with strong character, not immaturity. They must aspire to ultimate transparency and do away with secrecy.

They must love and seek true justice…having no time or taste for lawlessness. There must be truth in their words and in their deeds.

The time for lies and deceit has long passed.

But most importantly, America’s leader must serve the best interests of the American people FIRST, not those of multinational corporations, other countries, special interest groups, wealthy businessmen or even the terrorists who masquerade as civil rights activists.

Human life must NEVER be sacrificed…not for monetary profit or choice or convenience.

ALL lives matter...there are NO exceptions.

And lastly, America must choose leaders who will make them proud. Ones who will stir their hearts and their minds. Ones who will inspire the younger generation to emulate his or her greatness, producing future leaders who will make honorable decisions and be peacemakers...

all building a bright and promising tomorrow.

America may well be at its final crossroads. Her next Congress and her next President must be extremely brave. The time has come for leadership that is steered only by good conscience and honest intent. Then, and only then, will America be on its way to being truly great again.

We all know that America’s current Congress and its pathetic excuse for a president are NOT those leaders. If you look clearly at what they have accomplished and what they continue to work for, you have to ask yourself this question...

“Is this really what I want America to look like?”

Remember, you are being fed lies and distortions each and every day, meant to blind your eyes and sway your minds.

This current crop of duplicitous democratic socialists touting everything for free...

these abortion-crazed murderers who disregard the sanctity of human life...

these freedom-stifling demons who want to take away YOUR rights and force dangerous vaccines into your bodies and politically-driven policies into your life because THEY know better what’s best for YOU...

these open-border / illegal immigrant embracing fools whose agenda is more un-American than anything we have ever seen...

these are NOT the people America needs at her helm.

We deserve better.

We must vote them out and restore America to it true greatness.

Please...cast your votes wisely in November!

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