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This brings us to the last of the essays. They have garnered quite a few comments and numerous shares. For that I am grateful. I must be honest though...I was hoping for more.

I chose to post all six essays on Facebook as well as my webpage, believing that I might reach a great deal more people. But I acknowledge that Facebook determines who sees my posts. Not me. But...

The best laid plans of mice of men often go awry and that has been the case here...

Statistically we reached very few people and that is sad because after all, Facebook is a supposed to be a social network. I contend that every single person who did read what I wrote could have and should have, if they agreed with it, shared it. But very few did. Is this an indicator of apathy? Of disinterest? Of disagreement?

Who knows...I sure don’t!

Believe me, I was not looking for notoriety or a pat on the back. I did not take all this time to compile all this information and put it into a printable format for any ulterior reasons. I just wanted to get it out to as many people as possible because I am convinced that the end of the America the world has known is drawing near. This is the only reason I returned to Facebook...

I will not make that mistake again!

Facebook was successful in removing four of my first five essays after receiving complaints about content. And when this one is posted they may well remove it too. It seems I have a rather malicious troll who is reporting my posts as “offensive, containing false information that promotes violence and nudity!”

Oh well!

Please…if you haven’t done so already, go to our webpage (via the link below) and read all six essays. Judge for yourself if anything I’ve said was false. I cannot help it if anyone was was never my intention. But some people just have thinner skin that others. They search for things that offend them and then feign...well, offense!

Also, please let me know if spot any nude violence or violent nudity. Perhaps I missed it!

So, this is what I want to end my essays by discussing. To say the very least, time is of the essence. To be blunt, it is now or never. So please heed this advice...


I discerned what I felt was a great deal of frustration and feelings of futility in many of the comments and messages I received. If you don’t mind me stating this...such negativity presents a bigger problem to the movement than the Progressives themselves...

If you think it is too late…it is.

If you believe you have no power…you don’t.

If you doubt anything will change…it will not!

But if we are strong enough and if we are persistent enough to get this movement up and running, opportunities will present themselves. And when they do, we must be ready to take advantage of them. Remember, we are dealing with zombie swamp creatures and their minions. They will not go away quietly.

A large part of this is believing we are right and what we are doing is critical.

And if you have any doubts, imagine yourself living in the world these crazed zealots have planned for you. They just killed Mr. Potato Head!

It is a very well-known fact that Democrats and Progressives overreach for everything! They push the envelope too far. But even if we were to stop them today, the damage they’ve done already will take decades to repair. Every moment becomes more critical than the last. If you don’t believe me, watch what comes out of the White House and Congress in these coming weeks between the mid-terms!

Moderate Democrats, sooner or later, hopefully will become aware of how their party is hurting them economically. And for the more radical Democrats (celebrities) have to turn over larger and larger hunks of cash…they will change their tune.

And what could be better than to NEVER hear another word out of...

Bette Midler

Alyssa Romano

Rosie O’Donnell

Seth Meyers

Jane Fonda

Mark Ruffalo

Chrissy Teigen

Alec Baldwin

Whoopie Goldberg

Jon Stewart

Amy Schumer

Ben Affleck

Susan Sarandon


Sarah Silverman

Sunny Hostin

Sean Penn

Michael Moore

Danny Glover

Debra Messing

The Dixie Chicks

Barbra Streisand

Taylor Swift

John Legend

Joy Behar,

Stephen Colbert

Janeane Garofalo

Jimmy Kimmel

George Takei

I am sure you can add a few of your own!

And when the rank-and-file Democrats realize they’ve been duped…

that health care and college is not free

that their paychecks grow smaller each week while the cost-of-living sky-rockets

that the economic policies of Donald Trump did indeed make their lives better

...if and when they see this, then we will see them become our allies.

When this happens, and it is going to happen…soon, we will have our best opportunity to begin electing Conservatives that will benefit all the newly disenfranchised Democrats.

If you are like me, you are more than likely quite disappointed in the Republican Party. I read it in many of your comments. It is impossible not to be, when you realize that many of the Swamp Creatures are Republican. Here is a partial list of Republican legislators who have earned the RINO title...

From the Senate...

Mitt Romney

Susan Collins

Ben Sasse

Pat Toomey

Bill Cassidy

Richard Burr

John Cornyn

Lindsey Graham

Mike Rounds

From The House...

Tom Rice

John Katko

Don Bacon

Don Young

Fred Upton

Andrew Garbarino (it’s in his name!!!)

Peter Meijer

David McKinley

Nancy Mace

Jaime Herrera Beutler

Chris Smith

Liz Cheney

Lisa Murkowski

Adam Kinzinger

Brian Fitzpatrick

Anthony Gonzalez

Nicole Malliotakis

Jeff Van Drew

Dan Newhouse

David Valadao

Carlos Giménez

Maria Elvira Salazar

Tom Reed

John Curtis

Mike Gallagher

Blake Moore

Michael T. McCall

Mario Diaz Balart

Surprising number of RINO’s, don’t you think. Some may already be gone. Some are on their way out. If they represent you, and if you are looking to take back your country, they must go!

But do not...I repeat, DO NOT leave the Republican Party. It is futile nonsense to be thinking of starting a third party. That is not the answer.

We must use the infrastructure of the existing GOP to rebuild. And we already have some real champions in Congress. Names like the following come to mind...

Rand Paul

Jim Jordan

Mark Meadows

Ralph Norman

Ron White

Matt Gaetz

Vicky Hartzler

Alex Mooney

Paul Gosar

Ted Budd

Debbie Lesko

Randy Weber

Tim Scott

Mike Lee

Marsha Blackburn

Joni Ernst

Mike Braun

Ted Cruz

James Inhofe

Kevin Cramer

James Risch

Tom Cotton

Let us work with them and other elected GOP officials to let them know that we support their defense of the Constitution.

But we also need to let every Republican know we expect them to have a backbone…or we will remove them with our votes!

Never can we allow another election to be stolen

Never can we allow RINO’s to hold positions of influence in our government

Flood their mailboxes with this promise

They will pay attention if they see we are unified and voluminous.

Let us also begin electing some new YOUNG conservatives and phase out the old establishment fossils who forgot what we stand for. To do this we must TURN OUT to vote.


No more believing one vote does not count!

We really can make the Republican Party into what we want it to be. It will take some effort, but we are up to it.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT form or join a third party

If you have any sense of political history, you should know that third parties are where votes go to die. All a third party will do is split the conservative vote and give carte blanche to the Democrats.

Third parties have never been successful in America

Stay with the Republican Party, get involved in it, change it, and make it work.

We must do whatever we must to push for voter ID laws. There is absolutely no defensible argument that supports discrimination of minorities inherent with acquiring a FREE voter identification card.

It is actually racist to believe our minorities are incapable of doing such a thing

But then again, we have a president who believes they have difficulty getting on-line! Can you imagine the uproar had Donald Trump asserted such nonsense!

We must insist our representatives pass legislation that outlaws any form of mail-in voting that was not codified before this last election. If we can shop at Walmart and attend Bruce Springsteen concerts or dine at California’s most expensive restaurant…we can show up in person at our polling stations.

Someone left a comment the other day that truly defines the double edge sword we are facing. He was concerned about how much politics have become center in our daily lives. I understand his frustration, but I also know it is not a result of what we Conservatives have done. We did not ask for any of this. To ignore it…to believe you can continue leading your normal life in America despite the politics of the Left is pure foolishness.

We are at a point where we have little choice but to rise up and get rid of them all!

The thrust of all my ranting over the last six weeks is this…

If your daily lives are being impacted by the politics of the Left

If your ability to worship or speak freely is in jeopardy

If you are scared or frightened to be a Conservative

there is only one solution. Get more involved in politics on a local level...



Consider running for office

If you don’t know how or where to begin, there are a lot of people who can and will help. If you do not want to run for office, do your best to recruit people who will. Support your local candidates. We must find and elect moral leaders…

leaders who live and represent conservative values

Not only do we need to elevate these leaders to federal and state offices, but also, and perhaps even more importantly, to local school boards, water boards, city councils and other offices. The vermin of the Left have sneaked into every nook and cranny of our governmental infrastructure over the last 40 years through a very determined, well-thought out and perfectly executed scheme.

We must get rid of them

We must replace them with conservative leaders…at every level of government.

Most importantly, we must deal with Republicans we already have in Congress. We must vehemently let them know that we expect them to vote as a unified party against any piece of legislation that is not constitutional or inconsistent with conservative values.

Let them know that if any bill, irrespective of its source, does not meet those standards, we expect every Republican member of Congress, in unity, to vote against it.

If you haven’t noticed…this is how the Democrats operate...they vote as one!

Also, write to Democrat congressmen and women from your district who vote for bills that are unconstitutional or detrimental to the country. They supposedly are to be representing you and your best interests. Let them know why you think they are wrong to support that legislation...

Let the world know how they are voting!

I mentioned it before, but I must touch on it again. Election integrity is a huge issue. Every vote counts, but we must see to it that illegal votes do not! I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but it is only the Left that opposes election reform. Could it be because they are the only ones cheating and benefitting from it?

Get involved with some groups working to ensure election integrity. Here are a few to consider…

Election Integrity Project

Got Freedom?

True the Vote

The Heritage Foundation

The Amistad Project

Public Interest Legal Foundation

And there are many others. As I said, much of the movement is already in place but they need our numbers and our help.

Despite what the media and the Left purport, in this last election, there is substantial evidence of foreign interference in the form of misinformation posted on social media sites by the Chinese, Russians and Iranians. Many voters were influenced to either stay home or to vote for Democrats.

This is just another reason to get off Conservative-Unfriendly platforms!

There is also evidence that some jurisdictions counted votes from voters who were ineligible to vote. Some were even dead! We also know that control was lost over the mail-in ballots in more ways than the media or the Left is willing to admit. If you want proof, take the time to watch Dinesh Souza’s video 2000 Mules.

We need to ensure that the next election is as honest as possible.

And here is a big one. We need to invest in or create alternatives to what has become known as Big Tech. TruthSocial and Parler are good starts, but if more alternatives do not come about, we will be forever at the mercy of these horrid tech companies that can and do control public speech in America. If we do not want to have our Conservative voices stifled or canceled, we must do something...

and it must happen soon

It will take time and a lot of money. And it will not be easy. But we simply must build alternatives to Twitter and Facebook. And we must make them open to everyone, not just conservatives. If you’ve been paying close attention, the Facebook and Twitter algorithms have us Conservatives only talking to each other. We need to be able to begin serious and meaningful dialogue with those who do not share our ideology.

And here is a suggestion that is near and dear to my heart (and my pen)...


All of us have ideas. We must express them. We can start by writing articles for Conservative publications. If that makes you uncomfortable, there is always the trustworthy letter to the editor. And contrary to what you think, writing a book has never been easier. There are many ways to self-publish. If you need help getting started, you know how to reach me. Go to my website, and let me know.

Any time you see something in the newspaper that you know to be untrue, you should...politely, civilly and with proper spelling and grammar, send a letter to the editor or comment on the story online and reveal the truth. What we are all overlooking is the importance of facts.

The Left abhors fact!

They deal in lies, fabrications, manipulation and deceit. We need to get the facts out to inform people. One of our country’s major problems is that people are by and large uneducated or misinformed about who Conservatives are and what we stand for.

We can pontificate all we want about who and what we are, but nothing speaks louder than action. There are many ways you can find to do something meaningful in your community. When you do, let them know you are a Conservative. It will make a difference when they see that you care about your community.

Conservative clubs and local Republican parties should also have community service programs. Providing service to your community is significant and can make a big difference in how our movement will be perceived. It will also make a big difference in how you feel about yourself.

We MUST get organized to take back the House of Representatives and the Senate in 2022.

And we must start now of we expect to hold it. If there are no Republicans running in your congressional district, find someone who will. Recruit them. Get your local Party to back them.

Set up a ground game.

Contact all Republican voters in your community. Tell them about your candidate, ask them for their support and remind them that all the support in the world is useless unless it ends in a vote. Republican turnout for elections has been low of late. This is another thing the Left depends on and capitalizes on.

We MUST do something about that.

I have gone over just a few suggestions. I am sure there are many I’ve missed. I don’t want this to end with accolades for me simply because I have a platform from which to speak out. Truth be told...I don’t want this to end at all.

I want you to get involved. I am sure you can think of hundreds of other things we can and should do to get our movement moving. Please, take the time to post them here. Be civil. Keep them constructive.

An idea you have might just be what another Conservative needs to get mobilized.

If we conservatives, and I mean all of us, actively do these things, we can win back the House and Senate in 2022 and we will put a Republican back in the White House in 2024. I guarantee it.

Then, and only then, will we have a fighting chance to take back our country from these lunatics!

We are in a battle for our very lives.

Are ya with me?

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