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Note: Like last week, this week’s essay is a bit long. I get many emails and private messages complaining about the length of what I write...that reading becomes too tedious and that I lose my audience before I make my point. All I can do is apologize. If this is a complaint of yours, perhaps what I write is not meant for you...we are not a good match. Please know I’m not trying to be rude or offensive. And for those of you who are my target audience but may be stricken with short attention spans from time to time, it is for your benefit that I have noted convenient and appropriate starting and stopping points.

With that being said, I am going to start this week’s essay with a rather bold statement...

It was not...




democratic socialism

that made America great in the first place. It was...

free market capitalism

personal freedom

individual liberty

the sacrifices of millions in pursuit of their own happiness

It was a republican (not the party) form of government that allowed America to flourish and grow a great society of free people. This is what made America the greatest nation ever known to mankind.

I ask that you pause, go back and read that again. I will wait...

(Jeopardy theme song plays here)

Now I want you to read this...

Article IV – Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution...

“The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence.”

This is the very Constitutional promise that America’s Progressives are 100% opposed to. As a matter of fact, this Congress and the current administration are doing everything it can to undermine this Constitutional guarantee.

The Progressive Agenda maintains that the Constitution is an old, outdated, useless document and should be discarded. They claim this because it stands in the way of their vision for the global Marxist open society they are endeavoring to achieve through democratic socialism...

They have come up with a new definition for democracy

But the simple truth is there is nothing at all democratic about today’s Democrat Party. In fact, today’s Democrats want neither a republican form of government as guaranteed by our Constitution, or a true democracy.

The party has metamorphized into an unrecognizable homunculus that no longer recognizes the needs of the average American nor works on our behalf. If put to a popular vote, the majority of Americans would either put an end to or seek significant compromise for....

gay marriage


higher taxation

Green New Deal

climate change mandates

more regulation

open borders

sanctuary cities and States

government run / single payer health care

affirmative action

In fact, nothing that Progressives stand for today could or would survive a public referendum by pure democratic process.

As we discussed last week, Progressives have wormed their way into our academia, institutions of science, governmental bodies and our courts. As a result, we have jurists, scientists, politicians, college professors and their students (and the more ignorant Americans) hating America and its conservative leaders. They embrace and love the likes of Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Karl Marx, Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton...the real enemies of freedom and liberty.

Last week we discussed the two steps of problem solving.

Admitting we have a problem

Understanding it’s huge scope

Now we must turn our efforts toward coming up with a viable, plausible and rational plan...a strategy to resolve the problem and get out of this huge mess we are in.

As I said, America’s problem is the cancer of Progressivism. Ridding the body-American of this invader is not going to be easy. There has been an incredible amount of damage done...some irreparable.

It is going to require a great deal of thought on all our parts.

It is going to require us to do things of which we are uncomfortable.

It is going to require a tremendous amount of dedication too, not to mention...

involvement on many levels

personal sacrifice of things near and dear to us

focused determination

perseverance in the face of what will be thrown at us

...and trust me, these people know how to throw things!

In my view, the solution to America’s problems can only be achieved by forming a cohesive and immensely powerful movement...expanding on what the Trump administration had set in motion for us during his time as president. Much of it remains, but new lines of communication must be formed now to connect the new with the old.

Many people voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and many more voted for him in 2020. If he decides to run again in 2024 (which I believe is unlikely) they will again cast their ballots for him because they believe he will do everything in his power to make America great again.

But the mistake we made in 2016 and again in 2020, was thinking he would be able to do it on his own. The fatal error we made was not understanding that he would need our help...that we needed to remain engaged in a productive way after the election.

Once the Congress is wrested away from the insurgents in 2022, and for whoever the Republican may be who wins the White House in 2024, such engagement is even more critical.

The enemy we face today is much stronger than they were back then

Today’s Progressive Democrats who promote the current absurdity we’ve come to know as wokism do not want America to be great again. Many moderate Democrats do, but they have been brain-washed into working against themselves. Their leaders have so completely conflated the issues and distorted the concepts that most moderates no longer understand what is happening. They simply do what they are told and ask no questions...

Open problem!

Fentanyl problem! problem!

Censorship and cancel problem!

Trillions in deficit problem!

Alternative energy problem!

Voter problem!

Green New problem!

Unlimited government problem!

Defund the problem!

Drag queen reading hour in elementary problem!

Gender reassignment surgeries for problem!

It will not be until they learn the truth about who it really is that has kept a boot on their neck all these years (all the while claiming to protect and defend them) that they will be able to help us make America great again. We cannot count on them now and they should be viewed as our adversaries. It is a waste of time trying to win them over.

(This is a good place to take your first break)

Make no mistake about it...America was indeed great at one time

Flawed yes, but what country is not? I know this to be true personally, having grown up in the America of the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s and been a student of current national and international events all my life.

I lived through many of America’s sins and failures, but I also stood witness to much of America’s greatness. I now live in another country, on a different continent, under a different form of government, whose greatest gift to me has been that of perspective.

Most Americans simply have no idea how good they have it. But I digress…

All movements, sooner or later, end up revealing their flaws. We can see this currently happening with Progressivism as we see it unraveling under the weight of its own absurdities.

But one of the biggest flaws (and problems) we conservatives and patriots face is repeatedly falling prey to perpetually waiting for a great leader to come along…

a man (or woman) on a white horse riding in, promising to lead us all back to normalcy

We must understand and accept the fact that there are really very few good conservative leaders left out there. Why would anyone with any brains or a sense of dignity ever even consider wading into the Washington DC swamp, only to be torn to pieces by the political shredder? The Progressives savage every last one who steps up to the plate. Look what they’ve done to Donald Trump and are doing to Ron DeSantis!

No…if America is going to be saved, it is going to be up to us…you and me!

We are the ones who must do the work

We can no longer just go about our daily lives waiting for another Ronald Reagan, Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump or whoever the next conservative hero may be, to show up and carry us to victory on their shoulders. This is not how a movement wins. It is not how the Progressives did it and, if we are to take our country back from them, it is not how we must do it.

To evidence the veracity of my last statement, you need look no further than how and why the Progressives have and are continuing to win so masterfully...

They know how to use and pervert the very system they are aiming to destroy

All this rioting! All this BLM nonsense! All of the Antifa violence…all the frightening rhetoric about reparations, defunding the police, gun confiscations, virus vaccines and the like, are all just distractions…smoke screens and side shows, sleight of hand if you will. It is all meant to keep our eyes and attention off the slow, steady, methodical destruction of our freedoms, civil liberties and Constitutional rights.

We must learn how to use the system to restore our country

A movement wins when regular people, people like you and me, do the right thing on a consistent and well-thought-out basis. We cannot only demand change...we must also work to bring it about. We win when we elect people who think like we do and then demand they do what we want them to do. Trust me, there is no leader anywhere who will be able to fix the problems if and I, are not doing the right things.

Must we be perfect? No.

Must we each do everything on the list required to take our country back? No.

If enough of us are doing some things, and enough others are doing other things...and if the rest are doing the balance of things...consistently and persistently, we will inevitably hit a fulcrum point and then, the balance will shift. The change we so desperately need will begin to show. And we may be surprised to see a leader suddenly appear out of our efforts. But remember this...

Change comes slowly and time is growing short!

Our next big opportunity is the mid-term elections in 2022. We need just enough Representatives and Senators elected to hog-tie Joe Biden like the Democrats hog-tied Donald Trump. Once we’ve taken back Congress, then we set our sights on the White House again.

“So how exactly do we do this?” you are no doubt asking. “How much work is it going to take to get our country back?” I will be honest with you…

it is going to take an immense amount of work!

More than you are anticipating or grasping. We did not get into this predicament overnight…we will not get out of it quickly.

I am going to start by listing a few things we cannot, should not and must not do, OK?

First of all, and most important in my estimation, we must not become like them! There is a common call out there among the super-frustrated to get down into the pig slop with the pigs…to lie and cheat and steal just like the Left does. Nothing, and I mean nothing, will sink our movement faster than becoming like them. It worked for them because they were built for deception and lies. It will not work for us because we are not.

It is against our nature as conservatives.

Remember this...

it is they who now control the Congress

it is they who are brainwashing our children in public schools

it is they who are defunding the police

it is they who are perverting the courts

it is they who have the corrupt media on their side

It is we who have allowed this to happen. And so, we have few defenses. Hand-to-hand combat in the streets with these people, be it figurative or literal, is not one of them. Doing so will sound the death knell for any Take Back Movement that may get started.

We must wrest our institutions back from them in a civil yet forceful way. And we cannot stop when the going gets rough or when we think enough is enough.

These people are zombies...they will not go down easily!

Another thing I highly recommend doing, but know many of you will scoff at…is to get the hell off Facebook and Twitter. Simply put, these platforms are not Conservative friendly. They are in fact, our enemy, no different than Tokyo Rose and Hanoi Hannah were during their respective US wars.

Yes, they entertain us. Yes, we know what they are doing. But they are filling our heads with propaganda, and we are not immune from absorbing it. Their relentless attacks on us are making us say and do and write things that are being tracked and recorded on social media platforms. Whether you believe it or not, data is being gathered and compiled about you. It is being sold to think tanks, law enforcement agencies, political groups and others who are using your information for nefarious purposes.

Nothing is ever free...especially social media!

These platforms track us by (digitally) recording our posts, our text messages and our VOP (Voice Over Internet) phone calls. Each time you use Whatsapp or Messenger or Telegram, you must suspend your expectations of privacy.

Someone is always listening and reading!

And as outlandish or absurd as this may sound, they are also watching where we go on the internet, zeroing in on key words and then planting “innocuous” cookies on our devices. Cookies is a nice word for a very sinister process of tracking our every movement on the internet. Enough of them…enough key words spoken or typed into posts, make us blips on their radar screens. Soon we become a person of interest. A file is made with our name on it. Eventually we are banned, like Trump, but not until after they’ve used us for their own purposes.

And all those ‘free’ apps you’ve uploaded to your you even know to what you agreed to have them? They turn on your phone's GPS. They are tracking your every movement...they know where you are 24 hours a day. They even know if you've been vaccinated!

Get rid of them...or turn them off!

But if you feel the need to keep them or remain on Facebook or Twitter for family or special friends or any specific reasons, please…for God’s sake, clean up your act. If you are going to post something political or controversial, please, please, please think twice and don’t do it!

It is best to stay away from politics and religion completely on these platforms

But after you’ve thought twice and you still feel you need to share it, please, please, least verify it is factually correct before you post it.

I know many people mean well, but I have Conservative friends who post more Fake News than CNN and MSNBC combined. You probably know who your are because I have admonished more than once!

By not verifying before posting, you are in essence spreading more Fake News and it will be used against you. You will attract the marauders who will demean and insult you, labeling you with every negative moniker that exists. And in the end, you end up being no better than the leftists and the progressives that you rail against for posting fake news.

If you are going to use Facebook and Twitter, use it for socializing, not politicizing.

Allow the left to wallow in their own pig crap. Keep your nose clean. Give them nothing to come at you with. I guess what I am trying to say is...

Quit taking their bait!

Stop talking about politics and start swapping recipes!

For me, I have for all intents and purposes, removed myself from Facebook. I have deleted both my Twitter and Instagram accounts. I used to think being on social media was imperative for me to be a successful writer and to advance my business. But the truth is, less than 3% of the thousands of friends and followers I accumulated bought my books. Once was a time I would practice social media until I was blue in the face, with cramps in my typing fingers...all for naught!

Diana and I used to get the most horrible private messages you can imagine. Without fail we always reported them. Without fail they never took action on them!

And here is another no-no! No violence! And no threats of violence. Let me stress that again…





Nothing will draw their attention to you faster. Keep in mind there are people much more highly capable than you and me who have been training decades for this moment. When the time is right, they will come out of the shadows and make their presence known.

If they need our help, you can rest assured they will let us know!

(Here's the place for the next break)

Now let’s look at a portion our 2nd Amendment for a moment…

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

It is important to understand that at the time of the American Revolutionary War, militias were groups of able-bodied men who protected their towns and colonies (that eventually became States). When the Constitution was drafted, the militias were basically state-based institutions.

The States themselves were responsible for organizing them

The principal use of any militia would have been to protect local residents from outside attack and foreign invasion. But it also meant something else. It provided for physical protection from government overreach and as a deterrent against national tyranny.

At the time, if government forces tried to take over land or overstep their authority in any way that violated the Constitution, there was an institution in place, the militia, that would outnumber any army. But is this applicable in today’s America?

With the size and power of the today’s modern United States military, and the fact that militias as we knew them no longer exist, that notion is hard to imagine today. I am not a Constitutional scholar and so I will refrain from commenting further, except to say the Second Amendment is the law of the land and Americans’ right to bear arms cannot be infringed. But…

I don’t believe that simply because we can do something, we should do it.

I am referring to the idiots who openly carry firearms in public...the morons who feels it necessary to walk into a Walmart with an AR-15 slung over one shoulder and three pistols hung on a gun belt around a beer-bloated belly…simply because they can.

Are they exercising their Constitutional right to bear arms?

Yes, I suppose they are. But they are also demonstrating arrogance and stupidity. They are actually eroding the very right they are espousing…but you would never convince them of this.

And…they are simply providing more paint for the Progressive’s broad brush to paint us all alike. They see no difference between you and me...the responsible gun owners, and the Walmart jerk or the imbecile that stands across the street from a police station brandishing weapons and filming the coming and going of law enforcement.

We respect our fellow citizen’s right to bear arms, but we choose not to flagrantly display ours.

It is the fools I’ve described above that help the Left manufacture the narrative, that is amplified by a biased media, that we and the guns are all a threat to society, and they must be taken. Why give them fuel for their agenda?

"Hell yes we’re coming for your AR-15!"

Beto O’Rourke

Someone a while back argued vehemently with me about the need to have the police and military behind us and on our side before we start. Such thinking is nonsense...foolishness and dangerous. It is never going to my strongest admonition to everyone is to stay well within the law.

Do what that half-assed community organizer from Chicago and his ilk did. Work within the system...

If there is no violence, it will not matter which side the police are on!

The bottom line is this...we’re in the fight of our lives.

Joe Biden’s and the Progressives’ economic and political policies have ravaged our country. Since they’ve taken control of Congress and the White House, America has suffered a staggering decline, moving from prosperity to recession, from peace to war, from international respect to international ridicule, from budget surpluses to record deficits and an incredibly staggering $31 trillion national debt.

We have no other choice now but to organize ourselves, to construct the arguments, to build the movements and reform the institutions needed to take our country back. It is time to re-build an America that is once again...



better educated

more secure

committed to prosperity and opportunity for all

But we must work smarter and in coordinated ways. It all begins with getting rid of the Progressives that have perverted our Congress and then changing the occupants of the White House. The likes of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama and Joe and Jill Biden must never again occupy the People’s more than the Bushes, the Cheneys or any other Republican In Name Only should be permitted.

It is going to require bold new vision on our part and a vast citizen mobilization capable of countering the entrenched and growing power of big tech, big pharma, powerful corporate lobbies and progressive think-tanks.

We must fight long and hard and relentlessly if we are going to be able to restore an America that lives up to its original democratic promise.

This President and the Progressive Congress that controls him are out of tune with the majority of Americans. Most Americans prefer conservative alternatives to the failed policies of the Progressive Left. This becomes even more clear with every fentanyl death, every crime committed by an illegal immigrant, every tick of the national debt clock and every baby slaughtered in the womb!

It is increasingly clear that we are facing challenges that will never be addressed by the progressive extremists now in power or the corrupt media that prop them up.

We can no longer hide.

We can no longer bite our tongues or bide our time.

It is time to stand up, to speak out.

We need to return to a political system of sanity, morality and personal dignity.

We must restore the principles that assert our American values and our American ideals.

We must find ways to gather our Constitutional power and drive our causes into the political debate and electoral arena.

Until we understand what it is going to take and to clearly identify those who stand in our way, and eliminate them, we will fall short of our stated goal...

To make America great again!

Next week we will further discuss the scope of the problem and start to formulate the plan.

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