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(Note: This is a particularly long essay this week. For those with short attention spans, I recommend reading it in sections. For your benefit, I have noted convenient and appropriate starting and stopping points.)

I want to begin by saying that I am not writing any of this to impress anyone or even to persuade you to a different way of thinking. I am writing it because I love America and as I watch what is happening to my wonderful country, my heart is breaking...and if you haven’t noticed, my anger is rising.

Hopefully you’ve read PART I of the AMERICA AT A CROSSROADS essays. There will be five more, six in all. Over these next five weeks you are going to learn and hear a few things about America that you may not know...some will make you proud, others will no doubt piss you off.

Anyone knowledgeable as to what has taken place since November 2016 would have to agree...

America is in dire straits.

We have a very (very) big, very (very) dangerous and potentially (very) disastrous problem on our hands. Today’s essay takes a look at this problem. It is bigger than any other issue America currently is worse than any other problem that has ever confronted us.

America is desperately ill. It has become infected with a disease...a cancer. One that has killed every other country it has ever attacked, without exception. The diseased cells are so numerous, so widespread and so co-mingled among the healthy, that even the strongest of us are losing our hope for survival. The disease of which I speak...


In this week’s essay, I am going to pose two questions...

Is it too late to save America?


If not, what can we do?

Over this and the next four essays (hopefully) I will answer both. As to the first question...

Is it too late to save America?

...for the record I don’t think it is. But I do believe we are damn close to reaching a point of no return. Soon America will look like Europe. America is at a breaking point like at no other time in our history. And I will warn you...time is drawing short.

The cancer that has stricken America is eating it from the inside out. Democracy, individual freedoms and Constitutional rights are being devoured at an alarming rate. This cancer...

kills the unborn in the womb

pollutes the minds of the young in their schools

starves the old in their final years


demoralizes the masses

It is spread by the Progressive Agenda. It weakens her more and more, every day. Despite America’s size and strength, the disease is stronger and unrelenting. The sad and worrisome part is that most Americans don’t even know they are being attacked.

Many Americans have been caught off guard...completely unaware of this quickly accelerating disease. The idea of elected officials, government bureaucrats, large corporations, the establishment academia, the media and even seemingly grassroot movements all working in concert toward some evil purpose seems preposterous. Most Americans simply cannot fathom that such a large portion of their country is in on such a conspiracy. How is this possible? It is easily explained...

It is because no massive conspiracy was needed

All it took was an ideological re-alignment and a bit of informal the kind a community organizer might do! The power of the Progressive Agenda lies in its subtle ability to erode the values, checks and balances and safeguards against tyranny that were enshrined in America’s founding documents by America’s founding leaders.

The effects of this disease can be seen throughout almost every segment of our society. Americans, regardless of their income, demographics or social stature are now...

being fired from jobs due to political party affiliation

being stripped of access to basic services such as banking and social media

having their businesses crippled for voicing the wrong political opinion

These people...those belonging to a designated political underclass, are now being labeled as extremists, white supremacists, racists and domestic terrorists. The people who...

defend Constitutional rights

fight to protect the unborn

promote school choice and parent’s rights

demand lower taxes and smaller government

stand up for the sanctity of family

understand the need for and wisdom of secure borders

...are finding life becoming increasingly difficult. To say the very least, the prognosis for recovery is not good. As for the second question...

What can we do?

...sadly, we’ve gotten to a point where our choices are limited. There are very few of America’s institutions that have not succumbed to or are being eroded by this cancer. Almost every facet of American life has been affected in one way or another. But no matter what we do, this much is certain...

Radical surgery is needed!

This cancer must be cut out...irradiated...excised wherever it is found. It will not be easy, and it will not be painless. From my perspective, it will take...






and above all,

personal sacrifice

My greatest fear, however, is that Americans are not up to the task. We’ve become fat and lazy...ambivalent, apathetic and oblivious. My observation is that unity of patriotism no longer exists in America. The Left and the Right have become diametrically opposed to each other...

We fight amongst ourselves

We’ve drawn battle lines

We’ve taken sides

The real possibility exists that the divide the Progressive Agenda has intentionally and ingeniously created between us is much, much too wide to close.

But does this mean we should not try? Of course not.

The first step in solving any problem is admitting we have one

And boy…America, do we have a problem! While we’ve been pre-occupied with our excesses...our sports, our rights, our privileges, our pronouns...the cancer has taken root.

While we’ve been crowing about our exceptionalism, a most nefarious and evil force has crept into our midst and has used those excesses and our rights and privileges against us. Many Americans don’t even realize it yet, but we are no longer as exceptional as we used to be. On the world stage we look ridiculous.

The second step in problem solving is to fully define the scope of the problem

And suffice it to say, America’s problem is huge and multi-faceted! Most Americans have no idea how huge it is or what all has already been destroyed. This is because many know little if anything about how government is supposed to work or who the invaders are that have perverted our system.

The invaders are professional every sense of the word

They look just like you and me, and on the surface, they act just like you and me. They would tell you they are indeed your fellow Americans. But make no mistake about it, they are nothing like you and me...

They are anything but Americans!

And to give you an idea of just how powerful these people can be, remember this…one of them was once a half-assed community organizer in Chicago, with a very questionable background and ultra-socialist politics.

He rose to be president!

Another was a bartender, without a single clue of how businesses function or how an economy works, yet she has been elevated to a very powerful and influential position in Congress. She now has the power to foist her Green New Deal and other very dangerous wealth re-distribution schemes upon all of us. Her stated intention...

To destroy the American way of life and replace it with her Marxist vision of utopia!

And then there is the hijab-wearing Anti-Semite…a recent immigrant to America whose sole purpose for running for Congress was to fundamentally transform (and in the process destroy) the America we know and love, into something very dark and very different. Her most earnest intentions...

To destroy the very country that took her in and sustained her

Another hails from Detroit Michigan and before her rise to national prominence, was a Michigan State Representative. During her six years in that office, she verifiably accomplished literally nothing. But after arriving in Washington DC, she has taken on a most aggressive agenda.

She advocates for open borders and the abolishment of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. She is an open and vocal proponent for abolishing ALL police and ALL prisons. She maintains a venomous hatred for all things Jewish, calling for an end to US aid. She marches in support of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions initiative and she supports a ONE state solution. Her clearly articulated position...

To wipe Israel off the face of the earth

Here is a list of but a few of the insurgents we are up against...

Rashida Tlaib

Ilhan Omar

Alexandra Ocasio Ortez

Nancy Pelosi

Cory Booker

Maxine Waters

Barbara Boxer

Elizabeth Warren

Mark Kelly

Robert Menendez

Kamala Harris

Hank Johnson

Susan Rice

Chuck Schumer

Patrick Leahy

Lisa Murkowski

Susan Collins

Ayanna Presley

Mitch McConnell

Lindsay Graham

Barack Obama

Adam Kinzinger

Bob Casey, Jr.

Tim Kaine

Liz Cheney

Mark Warner

Jim Clyburn

Joe Biden

Eric Swalwell

Ted Lieu

Mazie Hirono

Pramila Jayapal

Richard Durbin

Adam Schiff

Jerry Nadler

John Fetterman

Muriel Bowser

George Soros

Gavin Newsome

Lori Lightfoot

...I could go on and on and on but quite literally the list is endless.

(This is a good place to take a break. Go get something to drink!)

OK...let’s get back to it...

The people I’ve identified above are merely the ones the press adores and openly promotes. They are the ones who get all the media attention. But if the truth were told, there are quite literally thousands more, on every level of government in every state, town, borough, county, locality and school district in America. They occupy seemingly innocuous positions, yet they pose the greatest threat to your freedoms, your rights, your liberties and your way of life...

Turn on the lights and they scurry like cockroaches

And here’s the worst and scariest part…they are backed and funded by immensely powerful people with bottomless wealth reserves…people who lurk secretly in the shadows but are pulling all the strings. If you do not know who George Soros or Klaus Schwab are, and what huge threats they pose to you, you owe it to yourself to stop reading right now and go do the research!

These people I’ve named and the countless others I described are the true enemies of America. They relentlessly endeavor to promote the Progressive Agenda by espousing the philosophy of division. They seek to destroy the ties and bonds that hold us together...the ones we’ve shared for more than two hundred years. They pervert the story of America’s origin and history. And they do all this with the most outrageous of lies, a ploy drawn from Vladimir Lenin’s playbook...

If a lie is told often enough, it will become the truth

America, by anyone’s standards, is not a perfect country. There are no perfect countries for it is the people who inhabit them that are so terribly flawed. But what makes America different and unique among nations is that we seek to right our atone for our past sins and work to limit future transgressions.

While our system has never been perfect, it has grown increasingly so. It is easier than ever for any American, regardless of race, color, creed, religion, politics or sexual orientation, to succeed in today’s America. Because of the work we’ve done, they need not face the obstacles of slavery, bigotry, segregation or inequality that have plagued our history.

But the Progressive Left refuses to acknowledge such progress

Instead, they take advantage of, exaggerate and exploit America’s sins. They focus, in excruciating detail, on what was rather than what is and what will be. And they falsely magnify the severity of these sins by distorting the context of the history in which they occurred. And they then ignore the progress we’ve made subsequently to correct them.

Pushing Critical Race Theory is a perfect example

The Progressive Left, in their efforts to effectuate their ultimate goal...

the fundamental transformation of the United States to reshape our country as a more European society. To do so, they have devised a most clever, most seductive and deeply vicious strategy to do so.

They promote a subversive, yet seductive, view of America as an evil actor throughout its history and insist that she consists of unbending, rigid and inequitable hierarchies, that must be torn down...

and the only way to do this is by uprooting the entire American system

Their platform calls for a coalition of the supposedly oppressed, rising up and taking the country down. They conspire to rewrite the entire nature of the American experiment. By convincing Americans that any unexplained disparity in their lives is not their fault or of their doing, but the result of the systemically racist and hierarchically inequitable American system, they continue to infect and affect the national consciousness. If all disparity can be chalked up to the system, then personal responsibility becomes secondary. Failures are no longer individual, but systemic. In fact, every failure becomes an additional brick in the wall of evidence against America. All of this is deeply, deeply divisive.

In the Progressive view, the true destructive forces and the greatest of existential threats lie among and me, the advocates for traditional Americanism. They have discarded the concept of equality and replaced it with equity. Equity they say, will only come about through opposition to and the eventual destruction the American system.

Progressives have attacked our unifying symbols, like the American flag, calling them inherently divisive and systemically racist.

Kneeling for the national anthem and turning one’s back to the flag, rather than standing up with a hand across one’s chest, is one such attack.

Scientific investigation is considered bigoted.

Statues identifying the men and women from various periods of history are being torn down.

Roads named after influential Americans are declared divisive and racist.

Meritocracy itself is derided as discriminatory.

Belief in free markets is evidence of America’s roots in slavery.

Opposition to nationalized health care is the continuation of oppression of the less advantaged.

American institutions such as Federalism and the Electoral College are inherently discriminatory.

The tables have not only been turned

they’ve been upended.

All that once unified us

is now portrayed as divisive.

The ever-shifting boundaries of political correctness are enforced by the mob, one that provides only two choices...

Comply or be cancelled

Progressives are unwilling to leave any area of American life untouched by their vile and hateful disease. Every piece of connective tissue in American life must be stripped away. This is happening constantly, all around us. The divisive philosophy they espouse is effective for one reason...

it is exhausting

It is meant to be! It is meant to make us throw up our hands and give in.

(This is another good place to take a break)

OK...let’s finish up...

Progressives do not define America by its triumphs, but by its failures. They are obsessed with all that was and is wrong and ignore or dismiss altogether what was or is right. And no place will you find more examples of this than in America’s classrooms.

Pick up a typical history textbook today and you will learn that this incredibly generous, unbelievably charitable and singularly free country is actually a land of...







income inequality

police brutality


imperial wars

This is how today’s educators are portraying America in high schools and universities. Here is an actual quote from a history textbook found in a Washington DC high school...

America is a nation founded on genocide, built on the backs of slaves, and maintained through the subjugation of women to second-class citizenship and economic disempowerment.

Most Americans, and the majority of American parents, have no idea such nonsense is part of our children’s curriculums.

It was George Orwell who said,

“The most effective way to destroy a people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

History is much more than a collection of facts. History, and our understanding of it, tells us who we are as a people in the same way our personal memories and experiences define and shape who we are. Wipe out our memories and we wipe out our identity.

This is what the Progressives are doing on a daily and concerted basis.

We are raising a generation of Americans who hold their country and its past in contempt. They’ve learned this from progressive educators who exaggerate America’s faults and ignore its triumphs. Is it any wonder why so many young people have no respect for American institutions or the beliefs on which our nation is based? We cannot blame them however, nor can we chastise them...

They are the unwitting victims of an unscrupulous and subversive education system

It hasn’t always been this way, however. Most of us over the age of fifty learned a truer, more accurate version of American history. We were taught that although America did indeed have many flaws in its youth, there is much to be proud of. We’ve paid for our sins. America, despite those flaws, was, is and always shall be the greatest country the world has ever known.

We recognize America as the country of...

The self-evident truths of the Declaration of Independence

The individual rights won through revolution and secured in the U.S. Constitution

We are proud to know the country into which we were privileged to be born is the country of...

The frontier spirit and of unlimited possibilities

Economic dynamism and endless invention

Unparalleled individual opportunity

The generation that defeated fascism and communism in the 20th century

We took all this for granted and we reveled in it. So, what has changed? How did we get so far off track?

It all began in the 1960's when a new, progressive narrative took hold. One that sought not to uplift, not to unite or inspire, but to demean, to degrade and to divide.

It sought to replace American pride with American shame

The Democrat party has mutated, as a whole, into the party of the uber-left. Today they identify as progressive. They see themselves as the purveyors of progress...

social progress

economic progress

equity progress

They’ve come to see their policies as bettering American society. But just the opposite is true. Most, if not all their policies, are destroying the fabric of American society...wiping out the social and economic gains we’ve worked so hard and sacrificed so dearly to achieve.

Family is their main target. Family is, and always has been, the cornerstone of civilization. Progressives attack it at every opportunity they get.

They have succeeded in redefining marriage. It is no longer between two human beings capable of reproduction.

They fight for the legal protection of abortion mills masquerading as women's health clinics.

Excessively high taxes are needed to fund their many counter-productive and failing welfare programs, making it difficult for people to live, and nearly impossible for them to get married and afford to have and raise children.

As I said a bit earlier in this essay, the greatest concern we face is progressive control of America’s educational system at every level. One would need be deaf, blind, living under a rock or in complete denial to not know that leftists control every facet of our children’s public education, especially America’s universities. Many professors openly identify as Marxists.

Unfortunately, the majority of Americans send their children to public schools...filled with progressive teachers teaching progressive curriculums with progressive textbooks...all mandated by progressive school boards.

To make it all the add insult to injury, progressives control the mainstream media. The media turns a deaf ear to what is going on in America’s schools and universities, except to cry that more money is needed for public education.

After reading all this, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that while the Progressives represents something, it is not progress. They are evil. They are cruel. They don’t play nicely or by the rules. They force their views on us and label us as bigots or racists if we hold contrary views.

Progressives appear to be the majority but only because they are the loudest. We feel overwhelmed, defeated and helpless. But we must not feel this way. In reality, they are the minority. We must never lose sight of that. They only hold a majority in the media and the schools. We traditionalists are the majority...

We are quieter

We mind our own business

We go to work

We get married

We raise families

We have no time for this nonsense, and that is all it is...nonsense!

The good news is, there is a strong pushback taking place against progressivism. We are beginning to see a rather significant rejection of this cancer. The American body is expelling it!

The average American is tired of all this irrational, impractical and outrageous bullshit!

We have lost trust and faith in the mainstream media. We know how perverted and convoluted our schools have become. We know we are not racists. We know America is good!

We must not back down. We must tear down and then rebuild these infected systems and institutions. We must take back control of our lives and our children’s futures.

The time has come. We must choose a better way.

Are you with me so far?

Next week we will get started on what we can, cannot, should and should not do!

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