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About The Author

Giacomino Nicolazzo was born in the United States in 1954. He enjoyed an idyllic childhood, growing up in an Italian family in the mountains & valleys of Central Pennsylvania.


Leaving home when he was just eighteen, he tried his hand at several careers & marriages, reaching the highest pinnacles of success & the deepest abyss of failure. He stumbled his way through life for nearly six decades before finally finding his personal legend & his Muse.

He writes books now. He is an independent author who has successfully mastered the business of self-publishing. He writes wonderful stories, drawing from a treasure trove of memories growing up in America in the 1950’s & ‘60’s and coming of age in Italy.

His stories are warm & endearing, at times haunting & always thought-provoking. His writings have finally found a solid and unmistakable voice & they will warm your heart & move your soul!

He once lived on the ocean in Florida, working as an investment counselor and motivational speaker by day and yearning to write his first novel by night. Those yearnings are eventually what brought him to Italy. Once there, he was captivated by the homeland of his grandparents and their story. Instantly, he began collecting experiences and memories...all designed to transform that yearning for a first book into reality.

That first book was to be the only book to tell the story...or at least that is what he thought. He wanted to write a gripping tale of immigration and human triumph...the real story of his grandparent’s journey to America in 1905. He was compelled to chronicle their amazing life, how they raised a family and achieved the American Dream. But one thing led to another and the more he learned of his family’s roots, the longer and wider and deeper the story became.

Eventually it all became too much for just one book. Trying to determine how best to tell this burgeoning tale, he expanded the story with the idea of a second book...then a third...and fourth. By the time he had determined how and when and where the arc of the story would take place, he settled on a ten-book series that he has called TERRA d’AMORE. AN ITALIAN STORY, the first of which was titled Part I. Sojourners All.

It was published in 2013 and received a wonderful welcome in the Independent Authors and Readers circles. Since then Part II. An Ocean Between Them; Part III. The Spaces Between Their Fingers; and, Part IV. Tra Natura e Animali have all been released and enjoy international distribution and widespread acceptance. Part V. A Wedding is scheduled for a mid-autumn 2019 release. The remaining books in the series will be released and the series completed by 2024.

But there is so much more to this prolific writer’s bibliography. In 2016, the first of ten children’s books was released. It is called Uva Comes To Terra d’AMORE. The series is entitled Caroline & Gianni’s Adventures on Terra d’Amore and will be comprised of five very unique stories in the Woodland Tails and five very unique stories in the Barnyard Tails. All will be translated into Italian and released in paperback and Kindle Digital formats.

Each book is an imaginative and artfully written tale of a little girl and her younger brother who live on a small farm in Italy. They discover that the animals in the barn and in the woods can all talk!

The stories bubbles up from the imagination of a precocious little 12 year old girl and deliver delightful entertainment as well as a strong yet age appropriate message about love and respect for the environment, family and friends. Children will also learn about Italy and its wonderful language.

Giacomino’s latest work, released in 2018, is his first collection of short stories, aptly named VIGNETTES. On the surface they may appear rather random. But on closer examination you will find that VIGNETTES is not really a random collection at all. It is in fact well organized...a purposely designed collection of truths...simply arranged in random order!

The stories in VIGNETTES are the odd marriage of entertaining yet powerful, thought-provoking real life events drawn from real life circumstances. Some are somewhat fictional and some are somewhat truthful, but all evidence one indisputable truth, that God walks among us every day, out in the open, interacting with us, conversing with us, prodding us to act and some might even say directing our footsteps.

The next collection of short stories we can expect from Giacomino is scheduled for a late 2019 release. It will be entitled PLATITUDES and  will be another organized collection of short stories assembled in random order, this time telling incredible and attention-capturing stories of unconditional love, forgiveness and triumphs of the human spirit.

And there is even more to come! He has a second series of novels planned and scheduled to begin release in 2021. It will be called TIDE & TIME. AN AMERICAN STORY. These ten historically accurate novels about shipwrecks off the coast of the Outer Banks of North Carolina will each be narrated by an obscure crewmember who lived to tell the stories like they have never been told before.

Giacomino has become afflicted with wander-lust & a need to explore this ancient country in which he lives. He is an avid, yet amateur photographer & has plans to publish three volumes of his photographs with stories to accompany each, aptly entitled, “Italy: The Way I See It”.

Finally and perhaps his most ambitious undertaking will be the publication of cookbooks sharing the most unique regional recipes of all twenty regions of Italy They will be called The Regional Recipes of Terra d’Amore. The first of them, THE RECIPES OF EMILIA ROMAGNA, is scheduled for release in mid-summer of 2019.

Giacomino spends his time with his lovely and talented wife Diana, the love of his life, between a waterfront home on Pamlico Sound in Arapahoe North Carolina and a farm in the hills of Bologna in Montecalvo, Italy. Diana acts as illustrator, translator, co-author of the Children’s Books and Giacomino’s Muse. All you need do is ask him and he will tell you, there would be no stories if not for the love, dedication and inspiration he receives from her. Together, they are a most remarkable team!

There is also a Golden Retriever named Meg, a small donkey most appropriately named Giacchino and various and assorted other farm creatures that inhabit their world. Together they all live and create wonderful stories on Terra d’Amore®, a century’s old farm situated tra natura e animali...between nature & the animals.

For more information on Giacomino’s books & adventures follow Giacomino on Twitter at @terradamore and Instagram at GiacominoNicolazzo. Become a Facebook follower by visiting him at Terra d’Amore: An Italian Story.

"The author has a very creative and descriptive style of writing that makes you part of the story and not just a reader!”

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