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Emilia Romagna

This is our first book in the Regional Recipes Of Terra d'Amore series.

Diana and I have traveled extensively throughout all the regions of this beautiful country to discover, taste and come back home to Terra d'Amore with the most unique, delicious and easily-prepared italian recipes from each of the twenty regions.


Our journey has taken us several years but it has truly been a labor of love. Together, we had the opportunity to see the most beautiful country in the world, explore its ancient cities and meet some very talented and interesting people. The cuisines of these incredible regions are centuries old, but the recipes have remained timeless and unchanged.

We chose to begin the series in the city in which we live...Bologna, in the region of emilia Romagna. Please join us.


"Emilia-Romagna may not have ruins as grand as Roma, or picturesque canals as beautiful as Venezia or even the great artistic treasures of firenze. what it does have however is food...wonderful, incredible, delicious, glorious, tantalizing food. for many of us, it is the best in all of italy."


The Best Year Of My Life

When i began writing The Best Year Of My Life, I had several goals in mind...

First and foremost, I wanted anyone who takes the time and makes the commitment to read this book to be able to understand that a beautiful life does not just happen on its own...that it takes hard work, sacrifice, prayer, humility and proper thinking. But above all else it takes belief in self.

The basic premise of THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE is that until we shed our worry, negativity, fear and regret, replacing it with confidence, positivity, courage and intention, there is little chance for improvement in our life.


THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE shows you how.



And lastly, I wanted to leave you with a challenge...that you make your life the way you want it... the masterpiece you want to paint, the novel you want to write, the day you want to wake to again and again and again.

Diana has designed a beautiful daily journal that can be used with the book. It provides a place to chronicle your daily progress  as you transition from the life you have to the life you've dreamed of.

“Every generation has a book that serves to motivate people and more simply define the complexities of life. The Best Year Of My Life® is destined to be such a book...the next great self-realization manual of our time.”



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