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Our Grandchildren's Nightmare...


Edition 66. July 2024

“The Earth is 4.6 billion years old. Let’s scale that down to 46 years to better understand. Humans have been here for 4 hours. Our industrial revolution started 1 minute ago. In that time, we have managed to destroy more than 50% of the environment. Now do you understand? Now do you see how we are the invasive species?”

Peter Dockrill

If you haven’t taken notice, we are living in a society that has become almost completely dependent on science and technology. All else is falling to the wayside, and at an alarming pace. It is most surprising, however, that hardly no one knows anything, factual or otherwise, about the science and technology that is controlling and dictating the quality of their lives. What we read in the media or see on the internet these days...

simply cannot be trusted

It's quite dangerous and rather stupid for us to remain ignorant about the changing climate, toxic and radioactive waste disposal, geoengineering through chem trails and so much more.

Good jobs and living wages also depend on this science and technology. Sadly, the United States, and Western civilization in general, could not manufacture the many products that people want or need to buy...

not with high quality and low price

The result has been that businesses, manufacturers and entire industries have fled North America and Western Europe, setting up headquarters in other, poorer, more desperate parts of the world, in search of cheap labor and increased profits. There are literally thousands of examples that can be cited.

There is another problem that I fear we will be facing in the coming decade...

a shortage of competent and capable researchers, scientists and engineers

With colleges more concerned these days with churning out Leftist, Progressive propaganda, diversity, equity and inclusion, tell me dear friends...

from where will these researchers, scientists and engineers come?

We are now dealing with AI (artificial intelligence), monster-strains of lab-created, debilitating, devastating viruses, nuclear weapons able to vaporize entire cities. All of which are capable of...

killing every, single living thing on Earth!

Today there are countless, nefarious types of technology that intrude into every facet of our lives...especially when it comes to our finances and our personal privacy. Paper money is being replaced with electronic payments...not for our betterment, but to our detriment. We are being watched, monitored, viewed and spied upon every single second of every day.

With high tech companies and social media platforms probing us without our knowledge or consent, tell me another thing my dear friends...

How can we plan for or survive the future if we don't understand the underlying issues?

I acknowledge that science and technology are a double-edged sword. With the recent movie, Oppenheimer, we see how scientists not only conceived nuclear weapons, but how they then coerced many world leaders and their militaries into believing that their particular country, whichever it happened to be, had to have the first one. Then, having the first was not enough. All too soon it became about quantity...

Who could have the most!

There are numerous sound reasons as to why so many older people these days are nervous about science and technology. As recent as the last century, a great deal of the experimentation, innovation and discovery that scientists were producing was filmed as horrific atrocities. Many of you may not know this, but one of Thomas Edison’s company experiments in 1903 dealt with filming the merciless and horrific electrocution of Topsy the elephant.

The images we hold in our minds of the mad scientists that haunted our younger days were relatively innocuous compared to today...

Dr. Frankenstein

Dr. Strangelove

Dr. Caligari

Dr. Moreau

And let us never forget that it was the science and technology of our generation that produced...




agent orange


nerve gas

...not to mention industries so powerful they are destroying the climate of the planet.

In our current society the mad scientists have been replaced by other players...

Dr. Shi Zhengli

Peter Daszak

Dr. Fauci

...and the countless numbers of nameless, faceless, lab-coat wearing men (and woman) that plot and scheme behind the impenetrable walls of pharmaceutical companies, high-tech laboratories, weapons manufacturers and social media platforms...all colluding with spy agencies, governments and of course the military-industrial complex who pay them billions of dollars.

Today, science and horror seem to continue overlapping through the nightmares of...

artificial intelligence

5G technology

genetically-modified foods

gain of function research

man-made viruses intended for use as bioweapons

chemical weapons and pathogens

laboratory experiments gone awry

While real mad scientists themselves do still exist, most of the madness falls on the shoulders of scientific progress, or its effects on the world as we know it. We can no longer take refuge in the idea that science can or will save us from ourselves. Instead...

science and technological progress augment our worst impulses

Every day we see how scientific progress can worsen real-world disasters...

accelerated climate change

species extinction

ecosystem and bio-diversity destruction

more forms of lethal warfare

the displacement of millions of people

The confluence of scientific atrocities and humanity’s worst instincts proves to be fertile ground for dishonest, power-hungry politicians. Of late, Hollywood and independent filmmakers have been producing films and documentaries that explore the terrifying catastrophes that scientific exploration is bringing to the world...

with horrifying accuracy

But what is most horrifying is that we now live in a world in which the mad scientist is part of the norm, and made-for-the-big-screen ecological disasters are real-life catastrophes. There seems to be no way back...

but of course, there is!

We can't simply conclude that science has failed us by putting too much power into the hands of morally feeble technologists or corrupt, power-crazed politicians and decide we must get rid of it all. The truth is...

we have gained so much

Advances in medicine and agriculture have saved more lives than have been lost in all the wars in all of history. Advances in transportation, communication and entertainment have literally transformed the world.

But the sword of science is truly double-edged. Its awesome power imposes upon all of us a new responsibility. We must begin to pay more attention to the long-term consequences of what we are doing.

We are destroying our environment. We don’t realize or want to accept that we are not apart from it...

we are in fact a part from it

What we are doing to our world, through the advances of technology and science, is but a mirror image of what we are doing to ourselves. We are destroying the natural world around us because we are trying to conquer and control it to suit our needs.

Although science does indeed work for us, mistakes are being made far too often and they are becoming too expensive. What we are doing to the rivers, forests and air of our world is not sustainable.

It is becoming intolerable for us.

Can you only imagine how horrible life will be for future generations if we do not change course?

If we cannot avert the pending disasters that are awaiting us?

Technology was meant to serve us, but it is quickly becoming our master. Technology was meant to bring us together, but any fool can see it is dividing us.

We cannot go back to start a new beginning, but we can start today to create a new ending.

These are the headlines we see and read and hear each and every day, drilled into our consciousness...

The threats and reality of war

The brutality of religious terrorism

The horror of mass shootings

Non-stop flows of refugees


World hunger

A relentless man-made pandemic

Ongoing international economic crises

Natural disasters

The real or perceived impacts of a changing climate

The Progressive agenda aimed at the destruction of the family, decency and morality

The list is endless.

We are all on edge, navigating our lives daily with trepidation and fear. The current moments of uncertainty and brutality like that which we see unfolding in the world around us are testing us all...




If there is one common thread in it all, one overarching truth in any of this, it’s that...

we are facing it together as a species

The effects on us are both immediate as well as subliminal. Our immediate reactions range from revulsion to anger, sympathy to fear, surrender to joining the cause. Regardless of the reaction, they all disturb our peace and perspective of the world. But it is the subliminal effects that eat away at our spirit and slowly change our internal narrative.

We are perpetually telling ourselves a story...

one that justifies, defends and explains our perspective on life

It is our inner narrative, our inner dialogue, that we are hearing first and foremost. And it is built, word by word, on our experiences and our reactions to them. In order for anything that happens to us to make sense, it must be able to be explained, justified or defended by our constantly evolving narrative. This becomes a great deal harder during a time of turmoil or chaos, when our experiences are often deeply unsettling.

Much of what we struggle with today and why we find peace so elusive, is there is often disharmony between the world we experience and the narrative we tell ourselves.

Slowly our inner dialogue is being challenged and changed. Our day-to-day experiences are tainted by fear, anger and anxiety as a result, and we begin to take on more and more negativity. We find it next to impossible to find meaning in life. Maintaining inner peace or practicing peace toward others becomes nearly impossible when our world seems mired in instability and despair.

The worst part of it is that it is all of our own doing!

We must protect our narrative by limiting our exposure to every bad thing that is going on in the world.

Unless we have made it our mission to rid the world of such things, perhaps it is time to stop immersing ourselves in it and instead focus on the peace and calm we want surrounding us.

We don’t seem to realize that we belong to the world, it does not belong to us.

We must...

save our world and we can do this with our science.

We must... 

love and protect our world and we can do this with our technology.

Our destiny and the future of those who come after us rests in our hands. We must evolve from mere creators of technology to good stewards of technology, guiding its development in ways that amplify our strengths while mitigating risks.

The question of whether technology will lead to humanity's downfall is complex and multifaceted. It demands a holistic perspective that acknowledges both the tremendous potential and the genuine dangers.

As we venture forth, let us remember that the power to shape mankind's destiny lies within us. By embracing innovation with conscientious stewardship, we can steer humanity toward a future where technological progress becomes a beacon of hope, not a harbinger of doom.

I am quickly reaching the end of my life and I will be spared much of the disaster that awaits us. But my heart breaks for today’s young children. They may well not experience the joys and learn the wonderful lessons that were afforded to us.

Yes, we must protect and respect our world, just as we protect and respect the ones we love and the ones who will come after us...

We must not leave the saving to someone else

Thank you so much for being with me today. I hope I have motivated and inspired you. Until next month, please know that Diana and I (and Meg) sincerely wish for all of you only the deepest love, the most immense peace, the purest happiness and the greatest of success.


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