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The Four Lost Commandments...


August 2022

If you would have asked my doctors four years ago if they thought I’d be sitting here today, writing this blog … their answer probably would have been a collective no. Things looked pretty darn grim to be honest with you! I should not have escaped my mortality. The odds were against me.

But there was one thing none of those doctors took into consideration or fully understood...

This indefatigable spirit of mine and my unwavering intention to be alive!

If you know me personally, or if you have followed me for any length of time, you would know I avow one fundamental belief ...

I believe that what I focus upon is what grows for me !

I believe that I determine what I want to attract into my life !

I alone decide what I will or will not accept !

... me and me alone.

So, back when I was so ill, I intentionally and singularly focused only on my survival. I thought of and envisioned love, happiness and health ... nothing but!

I refused limitations.

I rejected death.

I ignored sadness.

I would not consider grieving.

And as you can see, I won! Well, at least for the time being!

In my months of illness, I did my fair share of praying … begging at times and even arguing with GOD! HE and I had marathon chat sessions throughout countless sleepless nights.

I would like to share with you a transcript of one of those chats. I have it because apparently one of his administrative assistants felt the need to send it to me. It was recommended that I read it from time to time, lest I forget the lessons taught and blessings bestowed upon me. I hope you will enjoy it!

Me: Hey! It’s me again. I need to ask a favor. No miracles. No interventions. Just a little guidance. I know you are busy, but might we talk about this death business for a minute? It seems to be trying to get my attention a lot lately and well … I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit frightened by it all. You and I talk all the time … GOD: Yes, we do! Me: But we don’t seem to talk all that much about this subject. I have no idea really what I can expect when my time comes. So maybe we can do that now? Yes?

GOD: Sure! What’s on your mind? What is it that you are dying to know? Pardon the pun!

Me: Well … what is going to happen to me when I die? Afterwards I mean? When I draw that last breath, what can I expect? Any truth to that bright light and long tunnel story?

GOD: Well, this is something I cannot really say.

Me: Excuse me? You can’t say? You are God for … well, for Your sake! If you don’t know, who does?

GOD: It’s not up to me.

Me: Come again!

GOD: It’s not up to me. It’s up to you. That’s the way I've designed it! What do you choose to happen to you when you die?

Me: You mean … what happens to me is my choice? Really? Whatever I choose to happen will be what happens?

GOD: Well of course! Haven’t you learned anything from all our many chats? Have you not been listening? You talk a good game, but if you don’t know that everything is your choice, then I must conclude you’ve wasted a lot of my time! And your's too! Do you think that just because you die you stop existing?

Me: Well … I don’t really know. I mean … I guess I never thought about it that way. Forgive me … but doesn’t answering this question fall under your job description? That’s why I’m asking you.

GOD: Fair enough. I’ll tell you … AGAIN! When you die ...

You do not stop existing !

You don’t stop creating !

... is that simple enough for you?

Me: Well … yes and no. I mean … is that all you’re going to tell me? That’s it?

GOD: Oh no. There’s more. Incidentally … you already know the answers, you’ve just forgotten them. You’ve been through this before. But you’ve become so pre-occupied with this life and this world … well, it must have slipped your mind.

Me: I know this may be a bit out of line … but are you nuts? With all due respect, I have no idea what you are trying to tell me. What do you mean ... I’ve been through this before?

GOD: Oh, for My sake … you are so tedious Giacomino! Alright … let’s go through this again. Allow me to re-enlighten you ...

You do not stop existing !

You do not stop creating when your body dies !

You don’t ever really die !

You cannot die !

You are eternal life itself … and life cannot NOT be life !

Energy cannot be destroyed !

Therefore, you cannot die !

... so, at the moment of your physical death, for lack of better words, what happens to you is simply that you go on existing, in a slightly different form. But trust me … you DO go on! Like me, you are eternal!

Me: But I’ll be dead … yes?

GOD: Well, your body will be dead … yes! But you … your spirit, your essence, your soul ... whatever you want to call it, will not.

You are not going to have the experience of being dead.

On the contrary, you will have never felt more alive in your life. This is because you will have become pure energy again … pure soul. You are no longer encumbered by that flabby body of yours!

Me: Whoa! Hold on! Flabby body? Look … it’s the pasta here! It’s the wine! It’s the pizza! You’ve had the lasagna here … you know what I’m talking about! Italy did this to me! What can I say?

GOD: Just so there’s no confusion, I feel I should explain a bit more. You may see your body lying there, all crumpled up, not moving … very much dead. Yet you yourself will suddenly be moving all over the place. You will have the experience of literally flying around the room … then of being somewhere else … everywhere else, all at once.

If you say to yourself ...

“My goodness … why is my body not moving anymore?”

... you will find yourself right there, hovering over it, watching the stillness with the greatest of curiosity.

And then you might ponder a particular point of view on any given memory you might recall. You will suddenly find yourself experiencing that memory all over again.

If someone comes into the room and you ask yourself...

“Who is that?”

... immediately you are in front of, or next to, that person and their identity is revealed to you. It might be your grandfather, your mother, father, that cousin who died when you were five.

And if you had children while you lived a physical life, and if you think of those children … well, immediately you are in their presence. Watching what they are doing. Listening to what they are saying. Wherever they are.

In a very short while, you’ll get your bearings. You will learn that you can come and go as you please and with the speed of your thoughts. A feeling of incredible freedom and lightness of being will overtake you. It usually takes a little bit of time, and lot of patience, to get used to all this bouncing around with each and every thought. But you will get it under control.

You will learn that not only can you be wherever you want, with the speed of your thoughts, you can also be in two places at once … or three or four or five or … well, you are getting this, aren’t you? Maybe you should be writing it down!

Me: Yes … I’m getting it. Immensely! And no, I don’t need to write it down. You gave me a huge brain ... remember? But please, don’t stop now. We’re on a roll!

GOD: WE … what is this WE crap? OK … where was I? Oh yes.

Me: Wait a minute! Are you supposed to say the word crap?

GOD: I’m God ... I can say whatever I want. Don’t interrupt me again or I will send locusts to your little farm!

Me: Forgive me.

GOD: That’s not my job either! Now where was I? Oh yes ...

You can exist and create in these places simultaneously, without difficulty or confusion. Then, simply by refocusing, you can rejoin yourself, returning to one place again. You will begin to see and learn what you must know, and you will carry it into the next life. You will realize that it would have been so much easier to have known these things in this life.

You will finally see that all reality begins within you.

It all begins with your intention.

Me: So, what you are telling me is that in this life, I should have been focusing on my intentions? Is that what you mean? Yes?

GOD: Absolutely yes! That is what I am saying. The only difference would have been the speed with which you experienced the result. In the physical world there is a lapse between your thought of something and your experience of it. In the soul’s realm there is no lapse … the results are instantaneous.

For the rest of your life, you will need to learn to monitor your thoughts very carefully, because whatever you think about, you are going to experience. And it is lightning quick!

Me: Did you just say, "For the rest of my life?" Are you hinting at something here?

GOD: So your are listening! But you interrupted me again. Maybe I should send a flood along with those locusts?"

Me: Gotcha! I will shut up and listen. I promise.

GOD: Now again, I use the word ‘learn’ here very loosely. It is more a figure of speech than an actual description. The term ‘remember’ would be more accurate. You see, you’ve always known what I am telling you. But in the time you’ve spent in your body, you’ve forgotten.

If you could have remembered to control your thoughts while you were living on earth as quickly and as efficiently as you do after your physical life ends … well, your whole experience of life would have been very much different.

Me: Thought control? That sounds a little weird.

GOD: Weird? Not at all! It is what you human beings call prayer and meditation! It is what you are doing with me right now!

Me: Prayer huh? Meditation?

GOD: Yes! Thought control is the highest form of both.

Me: So, let me get this straight. If I could have learned to control what it is I thought about, I could have created for myself any kind of life I wanted? My simple intentions could have become my reality?

GOD: Honestly old man! You are just figuring this out? You’ve been doing it since you were a little boy. Have you not been paying attention?

Do you remember that little cabin you and your friends David and Ricky built in the woods when you were eleven? The one above Hidden Valley on Sulfur Springs Road? I’m sure you do. You were so very proud of it. None of you had any idea what you were doing when you started. But in your hearts and your minds, you intended to build a cabin … and voila!

Me: I’ve not thought of that cabin for a long time! Wow … you’re right. We were just kids! We had no idea what we were doing. And once it was built, we would camp out in it for a whole weekend.

GOD: Yes, you did. Some of my fondest memories of you and your childhood came from those woods and that cabin. You were a good kid. I was very proud of you … as proud as your parents were.

Me: This has been extremely enlightening and helpful for me. Thank you. I don’t feel nearly as frightened anymore. Before you go though ... is there anything else I should know?

GOD: Yes! Of course there is! There is ALWAYS something more to know.

Not a lot of people know this, but when I wasn’t looking, that Moses guy ... remember the Bible stories you learned of him as a child?

The baby in the reed basket

The burning bush

The flowing beard

Forty years wandering in the desert

The parted Red Sea

And I am sure you remember the stone tablets …

Well, he edited those stone tablets that I gave him, without my permission. For some reason he thought that ten commandments were all you would need to live by. But in my original draft, I had four more very important commandments.

XI. Thou shalt seek to see only the good in all things and praise it.

XII. Thou shalt not dwell in negativity and darkness,

but in positivity, walking always in the light.

XIII. Thou shalt see only perfection in all things,

even in moments when those things look their most imperfect.

XIV. Thou shalt always express gratefulness.

Now ... can you imagine how much different your life and this world would have been had you known those four lost commandments? It is in these four that you would have found the tranquility that was missing. In these four you would have found the peace, awareness and joy that I always wanted you to have.

So go ahead! Act on all those plans you and Diana have been making. You aren't going anywhere for the time being. I sent her to you, not only to be your dearest friend, but to be your guide.

Me: So I am going get better? Is that what you are saying?"

GOD: Yes ... that is what I am saying. Your and my business together is not in the foreseeable future. You’ve got time to be happy. So go!

Go celebrate every moment of your life !

Love that woman like a crazy boy !

Be honest and good and trustworthy !

Follow your heart !

Set your intentions !

Dream with care !

Cherish each moment !

Cherish each breath !

Me: So we will talk again soon, yes?

GOD: Absolutely. Ciao!

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