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We Are Stardust

It’s so lonely out here in left field...

Have you ever used that comment when you disagreed with someone on a particular subject?

“Wow! Are you nuts? You are w-a-a-a-a-y out in left field on this one!”

If not, you may be using it on me after you read my message today.

I have been reading the most interesting articles in these past weeks and they really have clicked for me. They've filled in the blanks on some very deep questions I have been struggling with for a long time. And as a result...well, I am here today to buck a few traditionally accepted ideas concerning the origin of life on Earth!

Pretty having stuff today, huh? Bear with me though, please. I think you may find what I have to say today interesting, intriguing and maybe even damn well genius!

Did you know that every single atom we have in our bodies came from a star that exploded a gazillion years ago? Think Big Bang!

And did you know it is a fact that the atoms in your left hand no doubt came from a different star than the atoms in your right hand. It really is the most poetic thing I know about physics...we are all stardust, just like Joni Mitchell said we were!

The fact is, we could not possibly be here today had stars not exploded eons and eons ago. Among the others, all the elements that matter for the creation, maintenance and evolution of life...carbon, calcium, nitrogen, oxygen and iron were created in the nuclear furnaces of stars.

And even more incredible is the fact that the only way for them to get into our bodies is for those stars to have exploded, spewing and strewing them across the universe! Simply put, stars died so that we might exist.

Now I know this sounds radical to some, blasphemous to others and insane to many, but the fact remains that NASA scientists, physicists, astronomers and medical doctors are reviewing the proven science and they are all coming to the same conclusion. There are even many prominent theologians who are joining their ranks.

I have long ago relinquished any faith or trust in the whole Adam and Eve story. I mean really now! How can the evidence of the existence of early man far predating the Garden of Eden be disputed? It can’t. No more than a mortal man and his family being able to collect two of all 8 million known species of animals on earth and keeping them on a boat for 40 days while the earth flooded from pole to pole can be defended!

Please hear me out though. I am not disputing the existence of God or who or what made us, I am disputing the “how we were made” part of the equation.

To me, I don’t believe God had a long white beard and was toiling in his workshop in a heaven in the clouds like a divine Santa Claus, creating man in his image and then yanking out a rib to create the fairer sex.

Nope...I don’t buy into that!

No more than I buy into the story told by another bearded guy on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. I mean it all makes for good reading and great art, but when put to any type of scientific or even common sense test...well, it fails pretty darn quickly and miserably.

And besides that, if God did create man in his own image, he sure as heck wasn’t Caucasian! He did not look like the you and me of today. He would have had a protruding forehead, slumping shoulders, extended arms and huge hairy feet with prehensile toes! There simply is no denying the anthropologic sciences.

I am more inclined to believe that God is immensely more intelligent and omnipotent than that. I believe Creation was even more spectacular than the account in Genesis.

Billions of years ago, long before this little blue planet of ours was formed, what would later become our solar system was made up of the dynamic, gaseous elements that are the remnants of a massive supernova that exploded. And amazingly, those remnants contain the essential elements and building blocks for life as we know it.

We know this because those NASA scientists, physicists, astronomers and doctors have been studying a supernova they’ve named Cassiopeia A.

It is thought to have exploded in the year 1680. And when it exploded, massive quantities of each of the elements I mentioned were released, with oxygen by far the most plentiful. Measured in mass, it would take one million Earths to represent how much oxygen was released by that one explosion. That's roughly three times the mass of our Sun...just in life-sustaining oxygen!

The elements were too spread out across different energy fields for the researchers to replicate it in any type of simulation model, but they were able to computer enhance a video of the energy fields produced by employing a brilliant plan.

Sensors aboard powerful telescopes and analytical equipment in space, outside our atmosphere's blurring effects, were able to detect these remnant energy fields. Each field pulsated at different frequencies but amazingly each different frequency corresponded to the frequency with which known element pulsate.

Each different energy field was ‘painted’ a different color and then fed into computers. The resulting images were beyond what anyone expected. The now visual computer enhanced images danced in the form of helix, bending and rotating and twisting in perfect synchronicity!

But here is the most amazing finding. The helix within which the elements danced and the ratios of those elements were in every way identical to the DNA helix that carries our genetic information!

If you are still with me after reading this far, I will warn you...this is where I might lose your allegiance. This is where I get radical...

For a long time now I have known that God is not OUT THERE! I know for a fact that God is WITHIN ME. Though I never understood how that was possible, it did not diminish my belief that it was true.

After reading what I’ve read since being able to read and after seeing what I’ve seen after my eyes were opened, I truly and sincerely believe I now have a few more answers to my many questions.

Here is my conclusion...God is dead!

Now hold on...hear me out!

I know that this is also in direct contradiction with something else I know for a fact. I also know that God is, was and shall always be. God is eternal.

God committed suicide within that Big Bang, but not in the sense that we human beings understand suicide. God’s voluntary death was more a transformation.

In that explosion, God was vaporized into billions and billions and billions of particles, some of which were and are the atoms of the elements within each of our bodies.

In God’s death, God imbued and transferred power to us. God did not really die...God was simply transformed. We are each God and God is each of us. We are one...the same...omnipotent and eternal.

The same goes for every other species and form of plant, animal or mineral. We are not better nor are we worse than anything else in this universe. We are all composed of the same perfect elements as the stars.

God is not OUT THERE and so I deduce praying or focusing outside ourselves is futile. Our prayers and our focus must be inward...if not, we are simply crying out into an empty wilderness.

This would explain the billions of unanswered outward prayers, the suffering of children, the death of innocents and human heartache. It would also explain the existence of God consciousness within each of us...the existence of our souls.

If we want to survive a disease...we must look inward for the cure. If we want to stop hatred and injustice...we must look inward for love. If we want to bring poverty and suffering to an end...we must look inward for abundance and peace. For everything we seek, it is within us!

Every single atom of carbon, calcium, nitrogen, oxygen or iron on Earth, the elements of life as we know it, was once in the center of a star. Matter is energy and energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed.

Thank you for listening.

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